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Transaction Fees

Some transactions on the Neo network require fees. The network uses a fee structure with two types of fees; system fees and network fees. All fees are paid in the native utility token GAS (NeoGas).

Network FeeFee to pay the validator for including the transaction in the block
System FeeFixed fee to pay the network for operations

Network fee

Network fees are currently optional for transactions below 1024 bytes in size. Adding a network fee (minimum of 0.001 GAS) will grant the transaction higher priority. The Neo network currently allows only 20 low priority transactions per block, so paying a higher network fee during high traffic times can result in a faster transaction.

Transactions larger than 1024 bytes require 0.001 GAS as a base fee, in addition to 0.00001 GAS per byte of the transaction. Most basic NEP-5 transfers remain well under the 1024 byte threshold, however transactions with more complex logic or large quantities of inputs and outputs may exceed the threshold and require a network fee.

Priority for transactions in the mempool is determined by the fee paid per byte. The network fee can be collected and distributed by the validator to any contract address.

System fee

The system fee is a fixed fee calculated by transaction type and instructions to be executed by the Neo virtual machine. Generally speaking, transaction costs scale with the network resources required. There is a system fee discount of 10 GAS for each transaction, so most user interaction with the network and smart contracts will be free. Unlike network fees, system fees are distributed to Neo holders.

System calls

System callsFee (GAS)
Default 0.001 for all system calls
Runtime.CheckWitness 0.2
Blockchain.GetHeader 0.1
Blockchain.GetBlock 0.2
Blockchain.GetTransaction 0.1
Blockchain.GetAccount 0.1
Blockchain.GetValidators 0.2
Blockchain.GetAsset 0.1
Blockchain.GetContract 0.1
Transaction.GetReferences 0.2
Account.SetVotes 1
Validator.Register 1000
Contract.Create 100 per contract, 400 for enabled storage, 500 for enabled dynamic invoke
Contract.Migrate 100 per contract, 400 for enabled storage, 500 for enabled dynamic invoke
Storage.Get 0.1
Storage.Put 1 per kiB
Storage.Delete 0.1


InstructionFee (GAS)
Default 0.001 for all instructions in the virtual machine
OpCode.PUSH16 (or less) 0
OpCode.NOP 0
OpCode.APPCALL 0.01
OpCode.TAILCALL 0.01
OpCode.SHA1 0.01
OpCode.SHA256 0.01
OpCode.HASH160 0.02
OpCode.HASH256 0.02
OpCode.CHECKMULTISIG 0.1 per signature

Utility fee in applications

Any deployed application in the network is able to require an application fee in order to use the smart contract. This fee is often charged using a NEP-5 compatible utility token, but smart contracts are able to charge GAS as well.