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Introduction to Neo

Neo is a public and global open-source blockchain project that aims to facilitate the creation of a Smart Economy.

The Smart Economy is a vision for the future where business is revolutionized by the adoption of digital assets and identities, allowing for the automated and trustless management of those assets through the use of smart contracts.

Neo, originally AntShares, was founded by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang. As co-founders of the non-profit Neo Foundation, the two oversee the ongoing development of the Neo blockchain. There are currently two Neo offices; a head office located in Shanghai, and a second office based in Seattle, US.

Neo maintains a team of core developers who are primarily responsible for protocol development, though Neo both encourages and rewards contributions from independent developers.

Neo is a community-driven project, which has led to the creation and funding of numerous community development groups distributed around the world. These teams contribute to the development of Neo's core infrastructure, in addition to producing user facing applications such as wallets or tooling for developers looking to build on Neo.