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C# Smart contract development environment

Objective : Meet the development requirements

Main points :

  1. System requirement

  2. Visual Studio Setup

  3. Neo-Compiler

For Neo C# developers, it is very fortune for them because Neo blockchain is build based on the C# and therefore, from compiler to toolbox, the C# development environment has been widely supported and it is very easy for those .NET developers begin to learn Neo Smart contract development. It is also easy for users who did not get touch with C# to begin his smart contract and Dapp.


For smart contract using C#, the best way is to develop with a local development environment with a IDE which support the Neo smart contract. Luckily, Neo is preparing a number of tools that achieve this. The only requirement for that is the operating system of your computer is Windows, preferred Windows 10 64 bit.

For non-windows users, such as MAC and Linux users, the best choice is to use the online editor and compiler which is more convenient for smart contract developing and deploying. This will be detailed in this document .


In order to set-up a Neo private net and development environment, developer must install some dependencies:

In addition, in order to develop the C# based smart contract, also we have to use the IDE and the best choice is Visual Studio:

Visual studio setup

Install and open visual studio.

Select .NET Core cross-platform development option during installation

Install NeoContractPlugin

Open Visual Studio 2017 and click tool -> extensions and Updates ,click online on the left column, search Neo and install NeoContractPlugin (the process must be completed online).

Configure neo-compiler

  1. Download neo-compiler project to your localhost.

  2. Click file -> open -> project/solutions in Visual Studio 2017 and select neo-compiler.sln in the project file.

  3. Right click neon project in the list and click release .

  4. After the release path is configured, click release .

    In my setting, a neon.exe file is generated in xxx\neo-compiler-master\neo-compiler-master\neon\bin\Debug\netcoreapp2.0\publish

  5. Add the neon to the PATH in system environment.

    For Windows10, press Windows+S , input environment parameter and select edit the account's environment parameters, and add it to Path .

Create a smart contract project

  1. Click file -> create -> project .

  2. Select NeoContract in the list and change settings where necessary, then click confirm .


A C# file will be auto-generated after the project is created with a default class inherited from the SmartContract. As indicated in the screenshot below, now you have a Hello World contract.

Nevertheless, the above only demonstrates a simple data storage method - to store data in private storage area using key-value method.