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NEO.Vote Method

Votes for the candidates.

Namespace: Neo.SmartContract.Framework.Native

Assembly: Neo.SmartContract.Framework

  • Voting towards non-candidate is recorded but not taken into account in committee & validator election. However, such votes will be effective as soon as the voted address becomes a candidate.

  • Voter's signature will be checked.


public static extern bool Vote(UInt160 account, ECPoint voteTo);


  • account: Script hash of the voting account.

  • voteTo: Public key of the account to vote.


public class Contract1 : SmartContract.Framework.SmartContract
    private static readonly UInt160 account = "NXsG3zwpwcfvBiA3bNMx6mWZGEro9ZqTqM".ToScriptHash();
    private static readonly byte[] pubkey = "02e8ff17c567d62f274fe247cc884a2a6cd3b8fd0d779a8c5856289a560accacb4".HexToBytes();

    public static object Test()
        bool result = NEO.Vote(account, (ECPoint)pubkey);
        return result;



Respond description:

  • Boolean type: voted successfully.

  • Others: failed.