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A series of native contract methods that can be invoked in the smart contract.

Native Contract Classes

Contract NameScript HashDescription
ContractManagement 0xfffdc93764dbaddd97c48f252a53ea4643faa3fdA native contract used to manage all deployed smart contracts
CryptoLib 0x726cb6e0cd8628a1350a611384688911ab75f51bA native contract library that provides cryptographic algorithms
GAS 0xd2a4cff31913016155e38e474a2c06d08be276cfRepresents the GAS token in the NEO system
Ledger 0xda65b600f7124ce6c79950c1772a36403104f2beA native contract for storing all blocks and transactions
NEO 0xef4073a0f2b305a38ec4050e4d3d28bc40ea63f5Represents the NEO token in the Neo system
Oracle 0xfe924b7cfe89ddd271abaf7210a80a7e11178758The native Oracle service for Neo system
Policy 0xcc5e4edd9f5f8dba8bb65734541df7a1c081c67bA native contract that manages the system policies
RoleManagement 0x49cf4e5378ffcd4dec034fd98a174c5491e395e2A native contract for managing roles in Neo system
StdLib 0xacce6fd80d44e1796aa0c2c625e9e4e0ce39efc0A native contract library that provides useful functions


NamedCurve Supported Elliptic Curves Extension
OracleResponseCode Defines the response code types of Oracle
Role Defines permission types of RoleManagement