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Neo Class

Provides a series of attributes and methods of the native contract NeoToken, which contract hash is 0xf61eebf573ea36593fd43aa150c055ad7906ab83 .

NeoToken is also an NEP-17 contract that inherits all NEP-17 specific attributes and methods.

Namespace: Neo.SmartContract.Framework.Services.Neo

Assembly: Neo.SmartContract.Framework


public class NEO


NameGets the name, NEO
SymbolGets the symbol, neo
DecimalsGets decimals


TotalSupply() Gets the total supply of NEO
BalanceOf(UInt160 account) Gets the balance
Transfer(UInt160 from, UInt160 to, BigInteger amount) Transfers NEO
GetGasPerBlock() Gets the number of GAS generated for each block
UnclaimedGas(UInt160 account, uint end) Gets the number of unclaimed GAS
RegisterCandidate(ECPoint pubkey) Registers as a candidate
UnRegisterCandidate(ECPoint pubkey) Unregisters as a candidate
Vote(UInt160 account, ECPoint voteTo) Votes for candidates
GetCandidates() Gets candidates list
GetCommittee() Gets committee members list
GetNextBlockValidators() Gets validators list for the next block