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Compiling a contract sample

So far, we have learned how to build a private chain and connect nodes to the chain. The following section will focus on configuring environment, creating, compiling, deploying and invoking a Neo smart contract on the private chain using C# and Windows 10.

We will complete the following tasks in this section:

  1. Install contract development environment

  2. Create a NEP17 contract project

  3. Compile a contract

Setting up development environment

Installing Visual Studio 2019

  1. Download and install Visual Studio 2019 .

    Note that you need to select .NET Core cross-platform development and Visual Studio Extension Development option during installation.

  2. Install .NET Framework 4.6.2 Developer Pack , which helps you load the project correctly.

Installing NeoContractPlugin

If you have NeoContractPlugin of Neo2 installed in Visual Studio, you must uninstall it before your can install the NeoContractPlugin of Neo3.

  1. Pull the project neo-devpack-dotnet and open neo-devpack-dotnet.sln in Visual Studio.

  2. In the Solution panel, right-click src/Installer and then click Build to compile the project.

    The file Neo.SmartContract.Installer.vsix is generated under neo-devpack-dotnet-master\src\Installer\bin\Debug .

  3. Run the file to install the Neo.SmartContract.Installer.vsix extension.

    You need to restart Visual Studio after the installation is completed.

Configuring compiler

  1. Run Visual Studio and open the project file neo-devpack-dotnet.sln again.

  2. In the Solution panel, right-click Neo.Compiler.MSIL and click Publish . Follow the prompts to publish the project to the default directory \bin\Release\netcoreapp3.1\publish

  3. Go to the publishing directory, run PowerShell and enter the command ./neon.exe to check if neon works as below:


  4. Add the publishing directory to the environment variable Path:

    Remove the old Neo2.x neon path if there is one.


  5. Start PowerShell anywhere and run the command neon.exe to check if it works.

Compiling Smart Contract Framework

  1. Get back to Visual Studio, right-click Neo.SmartContract.Framework in the neo-devpack-dotnet project solution panel, and click Build to build the project.

  2. Go to the output directory and copy the file Neo.SmartContract.Framework.dll . We will use it later.

Creating an NEP17 contract project

Creating a project

  1. In Visual Studio 2019 click File -> New -> Project .

  2. In the project template dialog that appears, search for neocontract and select NeoContract for C#. Follow the wizard to create the project.


  3. In the Solution panel, right click the project and then select Manage NuGet Package . Uninstall the NuGet reference for Neo.SmartContract.Framework .

  4. Right click the project name and then Paste to paste the Neo.SmartContract.Framework.dll copied before into the NeoContract project list.

  5. Right click Dependencies and then Add Reference . Follow the prompts to add the Neo.SmartContract.Framework.dll pasted in last step to the project.

Editing NEP17 Code

When the project is created, a simple smart contract template is automatically created, which writes a key-value pair of "Hello" "World" to the storage.

Since many developers are concerned about how to publish their own contract assets on the Neo block chain, now let's work through the process on private chain.

  1. Download the NEP17 template from NEP17 example of Neo3 .

  2. In the NeoContract project created in previous steps, open the sample file Contract1.cs

    The code contains basic information of the assets and the methods available to be invoked. You can make changes when needed.

In comparison with Neo2, the Neoe3 NEP17 sample has the following changes:

  • Adds customized attributes above the smart contract class

    public class NEP17 : SmartContract 
  • Replaces all ToBigInteger() methods with TryToBigInteger()

  • Adds the Deploy method for first distribution of assets. You can modify the method to suit your needs.

Compiling contract file

When you complete coding, click Build -> Build Solutions (hotkeys: Ctrl + Shift + B) in the menu to start compilation.

When the compilation is done, the following files are generated under the bin/Debug directory of the project.

  • NEP17.nef : The smart contract execution file for Neo3, just as .avm for Neo2.

  • NEP17.manifest.json : The descriptive file of the smart contract, covering descriptions of functions, ScriptHash, entry, method, parameters, and return values of the contract.