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How to write smart contracts in C# on ubuntu

To develop smart contracts in C# on ubuntu, basically you need to do the following:

  1. Create a library project, write code, and add the smart contract library.

  2. Execute neo-compiler/neon to generate the compiler.

  3. Run neon to generate the .avm file.

Create a smart contract project

  1. In the dotnet command line, create a library project:

    mkdir NeoContractDemo 
    cd ./NeoContractDemo/ 
    dotnet new classlib 
    rm ./Class1.cs 
    vim NeoContractDemo.cs 

  2. In NeoContractDemo.cs, enter the following code and then press ESC + wq! .

    using Neo.SmartContract.Framework; 
    using Neo.SmartContract.Framework.Services.Neo;
    public class NeoContractDemo: SmartContract 
       public static bool Main() 
           return true; 
  3. Add the smart contract reference:

    dotnet add package Neo.SmartContract.Framework --version 2.5.4 

  4. Compile the smart contract project:

    dotnet publish -o ../testlib 

Generate the compiler

cd ..
git clone
cd  ./neo-compiler/neon
dotnet publish -o ../../testlib

Generate the .avm file

cd ../../testlib
dotnet neon.dll NeoContractDemo.dll
mkdir ../output
cp NeoContractDemo.avm ../output/NeoContractDemo.avm

For complete scripts, refer to