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sendtoaddress Method

Transfers to the specified address.

  • You need to open the wallet in the Neo-CLI node before you execute this command.

  • This method is provided by the plugin RpcWallet . You need to install the plugin before you can invoke the method.


Asset_id : Asset ID (asset identifier), which is the transaction ID of the RegistTransaction when the asset is registered.

For NEO: c56f33fc6ecfcd0c225c4ab356fee59390af8560be0e930faebe74a6daff7c9b

For GAS: 602c79718b16e442de58778e148d0b1084e3b2dffd5de6b7b16cee7969282de7

The remaining asset IDs can be queried through the list asset command in CLI Command or in the Block Chain Browser.

Address : Payment address

Value : Amount transferred

Fee : Optional parameter. Paying the handling fee helps elevate the priority of the network to process the transfer. It defaults to 0, and can be set to a minimum of 0.00000001.

Change_address : Change address, optional parameter, default is the first standard address in the wallet.


Request body:

  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "method": "sendtoaddress",
  "params": ["c56f33fc6ecfcd0c225c4ab356fee59390af8560be0e930faebe74a6daff7c9b", "AK4if54jXjSiJBs6jkfZjxAastauJtjjse", 1],
  "id": 1

Response body:

    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "id": 1,
    "result": {
        "txid": "0x06de043b9b914f04633c580ab02d89ba55556f775118a292adb6803208857c91",
        "size": 262,
        "type": "ContractTransaction",
        "version": 0,
        "attributes": [],
        "vin": [
                "txid": "0x9c20c13f6b05691efbfd7e420b0edf470f8a5ae467e1e7ca7e11243c9b9fc333",
                "vout": 2
        "vout": [
                "n": 0,
                "asset": "0xc56f33fc6ecfcd0c225c4ab356fee59390af8560be0e930faebe74a6daff7c9b",
                "value": "1",
                "address": "AK4if54jXjSiJBs6jkfZjxAastauJtjjse"
                "n": 1,
                "asset": "0xc56f33fc6ecfcd0c225c4ab356fee59390af8560be0e930faebe74a6daff7c9b",
                "value": "497",
                "address": "AK5q8peiC4QKwuZHWX5Dkqhmar1TAGvZBS"
        "sys_fee": "0",
        "net_fee": "0",
        "scripts": [
                "invocation": "4059e40a2040fe43bf8a40230e1f136dcfe7b3ca37d492ac8d6439615f7b88601c8d9b8077cd0e4f8c9f402d10a2782945bfa50e0ed3f57f7cceebd2f792453eb0",
                "verification": "2103cf5ba6a9135f8eaeda771658564a855c1328af6b6808635496a4f51e3d29ac3eac"

Response Description:

Returning of the transaction details above, indicates that the transaction was sent successfully. If not, the transaction has failed to send.

If the signature is incomplete, it will return the transaction to be signed.

If the balance is insufficient, it will return an error message.