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Account Class

The class that represents the account, providing a way to query the balance. The account here refers to the hash of a contract script which corresponds to an address on the blockchain.

Common types of accounts are:

  • Standard account: the account created as you create a new wallet or new address.

  • Multi-party signed account: the multi-party signed address consists of a set of public keys and a minimum number of signatures. For example, a 2 of 3 account means that the account is managed by 3 people and the transfer can be authorized when 2 people sign at the same time.

Namespace: Neo.SmartContract.Framework.Services.Neo

Assembly: Neo.SmartContract.Framework


public class Account


IsStandard(UInt160 scripthash) Verifies if the contract is a standard account according to its scripthash (unilateral signature account)