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Neo Namespace

The Neo namespace is the API provided by the Neo blockchain, providing a way to access the block-chain data and manipulate the persistent store. These APIs are divided into two categories:

  • Blockchain ledger. The contract can access all the data on the entire blockchain through interops layer, including complete blocks and transactions, as well as each of their fields.

  • Persistent store. Each application contract deployed on Neo has a storage space that can only be accessed by the contract itself. These methods provided can access the data in the contract.


Account Represents the Account, providing a method to query the balance.
Asset Represents an asset and its data structure.
Block Represents a block. It provides methods to query transactions in the block.
Blockchain Provides a set of methods for accessing blockchain data.
Contract Represents a contract.
Header Represents the data structure of a block header
InvocationTransaction Represents the transaction of contract invocation
Iterator Represents the enumerator
Runtime Provides a set of methods for running smart contracts.
Storage Provides a set of methods to insert, query, or delete data of a persistent store
StorageContext Represents storage context of the persistent store
StorageMap Represents the Map data structure
Transaction The base class representing the transaction
TransactionAttribute The data structure representing the transaction attributes
TransactionInput The data structure representing the transaction inputs
TransactionOutput The data structure representing the transaction outputs


ContractPropertyState Represents the state of the smart contract property
TriggerType Represents the trigger conditions of smart contracts